Sayler Park Sustains

Celebrating community, stewardship, and sustainability locally

Saturday, June 8, 2019 Noon - 10pm

FREE music all day, kids' stuff, vendors, raffles, local food and beer, and more!


1. Is there an entrance fee?

Nope! Sayler Park Sustains is FREE. 


You betcha! But Sayler Park Sustains asks that your dog is securely leashed, which means that if they are on a retractable lead, the retractable function should be disengaged. Additionally, please clean up after your pup (or goat!).

3. Do vendors take credit/debit cards? 

Some will, some won't. We encourage people to bring cash for those who do not take cards, for instance, beers and other beverages. Take heart, though, if you forget cash: there is an ATM across the street at the UDF!

4. What should i bring?

Aside from some cash to spend on raffles, food, and drink, you might want to bring the following:

-- chair or blanket

-- sunscreen

-- your ID (if you plan on drinking alcohol)

-- hand sanitizer or wipes (as the outdoor clean-up facilities are limited)

-- your friends and family, of course!

5. Where is the parking?

There is no lot parking; every parking space available exists on the side streets of Sayler Park, again, for FREE.

6. Will there be emergency services available?

A Cincinnati Police detail will be on-hand after 4 pm, and Ladder 50 is one block away. Additionally, some of our volunteers are CPR certified.

7. Last year, I missed the workshop I wanted to see. Where can I get a schedule for the day's activities?

The schedule is already published online on our home page, and it's also been made public via social media, but we're making handbills of the day's schedule available for everyone. Stop by our ID/Ticket booth, T-shirt booth, raffle booth, or musician's merchandise table to pick up your own!

8. What happens if it rains?

We've yet to be rained on (knock on wood) but if the weather does not cooperate, we will still continue the festival. Think about preparing for the possibility of rain if it's in the forecast: umbrellas, parkas, towels, etc.

9. Do I have to stay all day to win a raffle?

Nope! We'll take your name and number when you sign up for a raffle, and will have two drawings: one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. If you're not there to claim your prize, we'll give you a call and set up a way for you to get your item.

10. When and where is Sayler Park Sustains?

In case you missed the information on our flyers and announcements, Sayler Park Sustains is June 9, 2018 (a Saturday), from noon until 10 pm at Nelson Sayler Memorial Park, which is in the center of the neighborhood, at the corner of Gracely and Monitor. 

11. I'd love to come to event, but can't stay all day: should i come early or later?

What you want out of the festival determines when you should come. Consult the activity schedule for more specific details on our Home page.

12. I want to vend or volunteer. Who should I contact?

Email us!

13. Can i help in a way that isn't officially volunteering?

Absolutely! One way you can help is by getting the word out: share us on social media, invite your friends, and let as many people know about what we're trying to do with Sayler Park Sustains as you can! 

Additionally, we could always use a hand at the end of the night cleaning up, or before the festival begins, setting up. Everything you experience and enjoy about the festival is made possible by people who volunteer their time and effort; we'd love to have a bit of your time (and you might even get a free festival T-shirt out of it!) if you can spare it!